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wedding highlights video

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Wedding Cinematography is a wedding video which uses cinematography techniques that makes you want to want to watch it again and again because it is short, beautiful and has a lovely story.

We record your entire event in much of the same way that a photographer would. Their job is document all the aspects that happens , the getting ready, the groom, etc. Our principal focus are the couple, and the connection that they share. We are proudly member of:
Wedding & Event Videographers Association International

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Other types of video that we offer:

Engagement Video

Documenting the groom asking the bride to marry. Quite often filmed without the bride´s knowledge.

Photo Montage

(Scrapbooks) - Includes but not limited to stills pictures displayed on a video. Can also include video footage.

Same day edit

A short video produced from the footage of wedding shot earlier in the day, usually incorporating footage from pre-ceremony, ceremony and photo session, that is then showed at the reception as a recap of the wedding.

Bridal elegance

A video shot in the style of a fashion shoot that depicts the bride in her wedding dress. Can be done before, during or after the wedding.

Highlights video

One of the chapters on the final material (Bluray and DVD) that shows highlights of the entire day, highlights videos can be uploaded to social networks websites. Is popular to show to friends, etc.

Trash the Dress

The idea is create art by soaking, staining, dirtying or outright destroying the wedding dress with the couple. The shoot often occurred after the wedding day.